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Get the world's best Android® Bluetooth beacon and barcode scanner app!

Welcome to MGScan!

MGScan is the only universal scanner app for Bluetooth beacons and QR barcodes. It's a single point from which to access information provided by either of these kinds of delivery systems.

MGScan is also the lowest possible cost prototyping and evaluation tool for BLE beacons. Read here how we can help you evaluate beacon technology.

App features:

  • Detect nearby beacons and display the information provided for them. (more)
  • Create instant content for your own beacons. (more)
  • Scan barcodes and display their information. (more)
  • Download information pages, simple games and animations. (more)

Website features:

  • Build mobile-compatible web pages in minutes for your own beacons. (more)
  • Write simple games and animations for Android phones. (more)

MGScan is compatible with Android KitKat and above. Click the icon on the left to download.